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A Ft. Worth family law lawyer may recommend a variety of strategies that will help you meet your child’s needs during this transition in their life. Two of the main ways to meet their needs are to use reassurance and monitoring.

While a child’s basic physical needs may be easy to meet during this time, a child may experience other changes. Children may need additional reassurance that they are loved and that they will continue to be cared for. They may need to hear this information multiple times. They may also need to hear other information that is properly communicated to them, depending on their age. Often, children do not need to know the reasons why their parents are divorcing. Keeping a routine by continuing normal meal times, bedtimes and parenting tactics for further reassurance. Staying strong emotionally for your children can also help them stay together during this emotionally trying time.

Sometimes a child may seem fine, but he or she may be hiding feelings inside. By closely monitoring any changes in the child’s life, conscientious parents can anticipate the need for further help. Some children may respond by having accidents. Their development may regress or they may begin to develop destructive behavior. Some children may require counseling in order to deal with the issues that the divorce has raised. Any violent behavior exhibited by a child should be immediately addressed.

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