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Fort Worth family lawyerA Fort Worth Family Lawyer Explains Why Divorce and Bankruptcy Often Go Together

Unfortunately, for many, divorce and bankruptcy are often interrelated, and therefore early consultation with your Fort Worth Family Lawyer is imperative.

Bankruptcy’s Effect on a Marriage

Studies show that financial stress is the number one cause of divorce. It can lead to disagreements amongst a married couple which cause long-term marital strife, becoming a proximate cause of divorce. While this may seem obvious to some, many do not realize that financial stress as a leading cause of bankruptcy is not only because of arguments over a couple’s finances. Indeed, there are many other more subtle effects financial stress places on a marriage.


Financial stress can lead to infertility as released stress hormones negatively affect the hypothalamus gland which produces reproductive hormones. The stress of resultant infertility can lead to divorce. This problem is compounded if the couple opts for expensive fertility treatment, leading to more financial burdens and therefore more financial stress. Early consultation with your Fort Worth family lawyer can help you develop a plan to cope with these mounting pressures.

Other Health Issues

In addition to infertility, financial stress can lead to other health problems such as depression, heart disease, and obesity. Each of these, individually, can put additional burdens on a marriage. These issues are compounded by the further financial stress experienced when a couple seeks costly medical treatment for any of these conditions. Moreover, some may be tempted to unhealthy coping mechanisms such as drug or alcohol abuse. Again, timely consultation with a Forth Worth family lawyer is imperative.

Divorce’s Effect on Bankruptcy

While numerous studies demonstrate that bankruptcy can lead to divorce, it is equally true that divorce can create financial burdens leading to bankruptcy. The aftermath of a divorce can leave a spouse with more debt and own property after a divorce than the spouse had before the marriage.

Insufficient Assets to Meet Obligations

Since many divorces include spousal or child support orders, spouses may find they are left with insufficient means to meet these continuing obligations, as well as their other debts.

Divorce Results in the Inability to File a Joint Bankruptcy

Further, since a joint bankruptcy filing is not typically available for a divorced couple, even though many of the debts are owed jointly, it is important that spouses considering a divorce consult with their Fort Worth family lawyer prior to the divorce to determine whether bankruptcy is appropriate.

Bankruptcy Doesn’t Eliminate All Debts

You may realize that certain debts are not dischargeable in bankruptcy, such as student loans and tax debts. What you may not be aware of is that there are debts incurred as a result of divorce that also are not dischargeable in bankruptcy. These include the following:

Since these obligations can be considerable, early consultation with the family law lawyers at the Hurr Law Office can help you structure the divorce as economically as possible.

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